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Canine Cardio provides dog running and dog walking in Okotoks


About Us

Why Run?


A dog's health is based on its ability to have regular exercise but with busy lives, it is not always possible to find the time to ensure that our dogs get the requisite amount of exercise.  Our service means that we can take that task from you ensuring that your dog gets the exercise he or she needs.

Health and Happiness


We love dogs and we love running and our service allows us to bring our two passions together.  We develop tailored running programs for your dog that ensures that they get the right amount of exercise and have fun doing it.

Why Us?


We are dog owners ourselves and we are accomplished runners.  We take care of your dogs exercise needs by taking them running and this exercise is supported by your regular exercise time with your dog and of course their play time.  You can trust us to always have the best interest of your dog at heart.

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Our Services

We offer solo runs or walks for your dog.  We also offer a fifteen minute 'potty break' service.

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Why Your Dog Needs To Run

Running provides your dog with numerous physical and mental benefits.  Effective cardio programs far outweigh the benefits of just walking. A mentally stimulated and tired dog is a happy dog!

What You Get

A calmer, happier and healthier dog.  Everyone leads busy lives and so let us help you ensure that your dog is getting the exercise it needs.  Let us work with you in ensuring that your dog has the best exercise program possible.


You can trust us to do the right thing for you and to ensure that the health and well being of your dog comes first.  We also take great care when entering and leaving your property.  We carry the appropriate insurance to give you peace of mind.

What Your Dog Gets

Your dog gets an individual program offering customized exercise elements with warm up and cool down periods.  The programs are specific to your dog's capabilities and needs.  Paw wipe and water checks are included of course!

Tracking Progress

For every run you will get a GPS confirmation demonstrating distance, route, time and a poop report.  We also keep detailed records of your dog's exercise programs and will regularly review progress with you.

Who We Are

Rachel Crocker


I am excited to combine two of my passions - dogs and running to provide Okotoks with its only dog running service.  I have been a runner for many years competing in numerous races including Marathons and Ultra Marathons.

My love for running led me to establish a ladies running group here in town - the Sheep River RunHers.

I currently have two dogs - Murphy, who at age thirteen, shows no sign of slowing down and Molly who has recently graduated to running with us now that she is two.

As a qualified personal trainer I understand how important having an active lifestyle is and know that this should be just as high a priority for our dogs.

I am looking forward to spending time on the trails with some new four legged friends........

Carl Evans


I have lived in Okotoks for thirteen years and prior to quitting my profession to focus on my family, I qualified as a Pediatric Nurse and worked in a variety of London based hospitals in the UK.

As an avid runner, it's a joy to combine my favourite hobby with my favourite animal.  I started running around 15 years ago, participating in various 10K and Half Marathons, including the Sheep River Road Race.

I take great pleasure in watching dogs express themselves by exercising and playing in our great outdoors.  I consider it an honour and privilege to work with dog owners and their dogs to provide the best possible programs, ensuring that our four legged friends remain healthy and stimulated......

Travis Ekelund



I have been passionately running for 20 years. I started running 5 km routes which led me into racing, making my way up from 5 km to 10 km, to half marathon and eventually marathon distances. In 2017 I raced my first 50 km ultra marathon and I haven't looked back. I yearn to push myself both physically and mentally to see how far I can truly go, it never ceases to amaze me what the human body is capable of. 

There has also never been a time in my life where I haven't had a dog in the family. They truly are loyal companions full of energy and enthusiasm. Working part time for Canine Cardio gives me a great opportunity to operate my own landscaping business while also running the beautiful pathways in Okotoks with my favorite four legged friends. It truly is a pleasure to be able to run with our customers dogs and I don't take that responsibility lightly. This is another member of your family and I treat every dog that runs with me with the same care and attention as though I was running with my own.

Alex McNeil


 I'm Alex. I have lived and worked in Okotoks since 2006. I love getting outside and enjoying this beautiful country, whether snowboarding, hiking or camping with my family. I have two amazing children (and two fur children!). When I'm not walking with Canine Cardio I work as a receptionist here in Okotoks. 

Menu / Price List

10% Discount Available for Minimum Ten sessions Booked and Paid For In Advance

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should my dog run instead of just walk?

Dogs love to run.  they respond to exercise much in the same as we do.  Their bodies release endorphins (chemicals produced by the brain that  give feelings of happiness and well-being).  This  release of endorphins occurs after higher intensity exercise, such as running but not after low intensity exercise such as a gentle stroll in the park

Running will help regulate your dog's weight, improve their muscle tone and maintain a stromg and healthy cardio vascular system as well as allowing them to release excess energy, making life at home a little calmer.

How often and how far should my dog be running?

That depends on your dog.  Most dogs are natural athletes but we assess every dog and build a customized program that accounts for age, breed, weight, health and current level of fitness.  Ideally we suggest running two to three times per week, in addition to the regular exercise he or she gets at home.

What age should my dog start running?

Again, this depends on the breed of your puppy but veterinarians recommend that growth plates should be closed before young dogs take part in any rigorous activity which is usually around 12-18 months old.  Consult your veterinarian if you are not sure about your particular puppy.

Although we will not take young puppies running, we do offer fast paced walks which will raise their heart rate without  putting stresses on developing joints.  For these puppies who want to run with us when they grow up, we focus on mental stimulation with different surfaces and objects, changes of direction as well as leash training until it is safe to run with them.

My dog is old and has arthritis. Can he still use your services?

After veterinarian clearance and our own assessment, it is very likely that  we can build a customized exercise plan to help your dog.  Research  shows that exercise is an important part of therapy as it can relieve joint stiffness and increase flexibility, help to reduce excess weight (which will be putting additonal strain on the joints), help prevent cardio  vascular disease and help your dog sleep better.

Do you let my dog off leash?

As per the Town of Okotoks by-laws, all dogs have to be on leash within the  town boundaries.  We do not take dogs to the off-leash dog park.

Where do you take my dog?

At Canine Cardio, we do not transport your dog in a vehicle.  This creates unnecessary stress in many dogs and so we collect your dog from your home and run or walk along the beautiful pathways around Okotoks